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The Bottom Line Pharmacy Podcast: Appearance on The Catalyst Pharmacy Podcast: Tackle Independent Pharmacy Accounting

From DIR fees to current PSAO behavior, dive deep into independent pharmacy accounting on this bonus episode featuring Scotty Sykes, CPA, CFP‘s appearance on The Catalyst Pharmacy Podcast.

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More About the Catalyst Pharmacy Podcast:

Presented by PioneerRx, the Catalyst podcast dives into current events that are shaping how pharmacists approach their patients and their business.

Hosted by President of PioneerRx Jeff Key with cohosts Josh Howland VP of Clinical Strategy, Mark Bivins VP of Sales, and Marsha Bivins Director of Marketing.

Fuel your passion for pharmacy, one conversation at a time.

More About The Bottom Line Pharmacy Podcast: 

The Bottom Line Pharmacy Podcast is your regular dose of pharmacy CPA advice to fuel your bottom line, featuring pharmacists, key vendors, and other innovators.

We share insights for Independent Pharmacy Owners every other Thursday. Stay up to date on new episodes by liking and subscribing! Click here to learn more about our podcast team and previous episodes

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