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Lead your independent pharmacy with confidence.

Our CPAs and advisors specialize in pharmacy accounting, tax, and advisory services. Your industry is our industry.

While patients, employees and the community depend on your pharmacy, the team at Sykes & Company, P.A., expands your knowledge and resources to keep everything in balance.

Licensed Professionals

Ollin B. Sykes

Direct: 252.632.0012

Julie W. Byrum

Direct: 252.368.8840

Scotty Sykes

Direct: 252.632.0026

Katie J. Musorofiti

Direct: 252.632.0198

Bonnie Evans Bond

Direct: 252.632.0058

Julie Blanchard

Direct: 252.632.0059

Kendell Harris

Direct: 252.368.8842

Teresa G. Bray

Direct: 252.632.0811

Megan G. Perry

Direct: 252.632.0416

Gatlin T. Neuman

Direct: 252.368.8844


Christopher B. Sykes

Director of IT
Direct: 252.632.0015

Carla W. Belch

Sr. Pharmacy Accountant
Direct: 252.632.0150

Mary Kimberly Castillo

Staff Accountant

Kimberly E. Cooper

Staff Accountant
Direct: 252.632.0812

Michelle M. Cullipher

Pharmacy Accountant
Direct: 252.632.0205

Carol P. Davenport

Admin Assistant
Direct: 252.632.0172

Terri S. Harrell

Admin Analyst
Direct: 252.632.0415

Joebert Dalas

Staff Accountant

Joseph M. Johnson

IT Support Specialist
Direct: 252.632.0024

Christie S. Ervin

Staff Accountant

Caroline M. Leary

Pharmacy Accountant
Direct: 252.312.6968

Megan B. Evans

Pharmacy Accountant
Direct: 252.632.0950

Hanna Gabunada

Staff Accountant

Teresa W. Hardison

Executive Assistant
Direct: 252.632.0004

Audrey Rodas

Senior Accountant
Direct: 252.632.0832

Jemima Due

Staff Accountant

Tyler Davis

Dir. of People Operations
Direct: 252.632.0025

Casey C. Howell

Senior Accountant
Direct: 252.632.0814

Kayla A. Jackson

Senior Accountant
Direct: 252.562.2650

Samantha D. Jones

Accountant Supervisor

Darlyn Labaclado

Staff Accountant

Megan J. Parker

Staff Accountant
Direct: 252.368.8841

Kim Shope

Senior Accountant
Direct: 252.632.0945

Marjorie Vito

Staff Accountant

Kathy Blanchard

Sr. Pharmacy Accountant
Direct: 252-632-0196

Patrisse S. Lenau

Senior Accountant
Direct: 252.368.8845

Karen B. Mazik

Senior Accountant
Direct: 252.632.0892

Teri S. Moore

Senior Accountant / Certified Payroll Professional
Direct: 252.632.0171

Melinda Nguyen

Senior Accountant
Direct: 252.632.0829

Aubrey N. Novak

Senior Accountant
Direct: 920.241.6525

Sheila H. Onley

Senior Accountant
Direct: 252.632.0197

Linda C. Knott

Company Coordinator
Direct: 252.632.0149

Janine Remoroza

Staff Accountant

Pam H. Rogers

Pharmacy Accountant
Direct: 252.632.0148

Connie C. Scheel

Sr. Admin Assistant
Direct: 252.632.0173

Emma Sellers

Senior Accountant

Kelly O'Hara

Staff Accountant
Direct: 252.632.0206

Victoria A. Winslow

Senior Accountant
Direct: 252.368.8843