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Beyond Bookkeeping Client Stories

Transforming pharmacies and owner success

In this series, Sykes & Company, P.A. independent pharmacy clients describe how they have transformed their businesses and lives by working with a pharmacy CPA.

Beyond bookkeeping and accounting solutions, they now have proactive tax planning, finance guidance and the confidence to invest in robotics, new services and their future.

Beyond Bookkeeping: Multi Store Ownership

Brian Beach, PharmD, Kelley-Ross Pharmacy Group, Seattle WA

Beyond Bookkeeping: Client Success Stories Collection

2022 NCPA Convention

Beyond Bookkeeping: Start-up

Julya and Daniel Friedman, GPS Pharmacy, South Carolina

Beyond Bookkeeping: Securing Financing

Orlando Palmer, PharmD, Parker’s Pharmacy, Louisiana

Beyond Bookkeeping: Proactive Business Planning

Teri Anders, Rock Creek Pharmacy, Alabama

Beyond Bookkeeping: Optimizing Inventory Cost

Dennis Thomas, Robinson’s Pharmacy, California

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