“Sykes & Company is incredibly proactive. We went from owing the IRS to being able to afford to pay our taxes. We know what our margins look like at all times and they always deliver financial reports on time, and in a way we can read and understand them. If there is ever a question, we can call anyone in the firm and get answers.”
Deborah Keaveny
Pharmacist and Owner, Keaveny Drug firm relationship since 2013
“When we were buying our pharmacy in 2015, Sykes & Company was there for the entire process. They connected us with all the right people, helping us establish the partnerships vital to our pharmacy business. We wouldn’t be here if they were not advising us from the very beginning.”
Julya Friedman
Pharmacist and Owner, GPS Pharmacy, firm relationship since 2015
“Sykes & Company was a vital part of our pharmacy purchase. Ollin [Sykes] flew out during negotiations and helped significantly during that time. The entire team at the firm knows this unique industry and are willing to answer any of our questions. Their knowledge base for the pharmacy business is second to none.”
Allan Fettig
firm relationship since 2016
“At a time when I didn’t know if my pharmacy would survive, Sykes and Company provided me with the tools and told me how to turn everything around. They provided a comprehensive review of my pharmacy and a plan. They were honest and very upfront about the hard work that I needed to commit to. Nine years later, I relish that honesty and the relationship that has developed with the team at the firm. They are like family and greet you with a hug.”
Diana Lischin,
RPh, Pharmacist/Owner, Coats Pharmacy, firm relationship since 2009
“When we bought our pharmacy in 2017, Sykes and Company was instrumental in that process and in getting our accounts set up. They stay informed on all the changes in our industry and proactively help us implement anything that impacts our pharmacy business.”
Donovan Bentley,
Owner & Pharmacist, Pikeville Discount Drugs, firm relationship since 2017
“There are many community pharmacies out there competing against the big chains. As a chain whose slogan is ‘your neighborly drugstores,” we find that neighborly sentiment when we deal with Sykes & Company. We are a small community pharmacy chain with eight stores. Sykes is attentive to our needs. They understand our strengths and weaknesses; they know where we need extra guidance and the areas we can handle on our own.
Alicia Wolfe
Klingensmiths Pharmacy