COVID-19, Pharmacy Growth

Pharmacy Growth Through COVID-19

COVID-19 Challenges and Opportunities: Pharmacists Share Experiences for Patient Retention and Growth During Uncertain Times

How did independent pharmacists adapt and also thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic? In this recorded webinar hosted by Bonnie Bond, CPA and Kendell Harris, CPA, we discuss real life experiences and opportunities with a panel of independent pharmacists who offered new services and expanded their businesses during the pandemic. Discussions included:

  • Initial response to COVID-19 in early 2020
  • Adaptations to their pharmacy business models
  • New services and practices for caring for, attracting and retaining patients
  • Future innovation for pharmacy services

View the webinar to learn how to identify opportunities and grow your business in the face of adversity and challenges.

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The Master the Margin: Innovator Series is an ongoing discussion with successful pharmacists who overcome challenges to grow an independent pharmacy in a complex business and health care environment. See more of these webinars here.

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