Payroll Taxes

Social Security Administration – The official website of the SSA.  Lots of information and forms available for download.

US Department of Labor – A wealth of information on scores of topics:  Child labor, minimum wage, overtime, unions, family and medical leave, etc.

WorldatWork – Formerly known as the American Compensation Association.  WorldatWork is a not-for-profit association of more than 25,000 human resource practitioners who design and manage employee compensation and benefit programs in their respective organizations.

US Immigration and Naturalization Services – The best source to research INS rules and regulations and to obtain compliance forms.

American Payroll Association – The American Payroll Association is the professional society for Payroll Professionals. The Association works to increase the payroll professional’s skill level through education and mutual support.

Tax Compliance Calendar (APA) – A daily guide to tax compliance and deposit dates.

Federation of Tax Administrators – The FTA was organized in 1937. Its mission is to improve the quality of state tax administration by providing services to state tax authorities and administrators.

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