We are excited to welcome industry leaders and advisors for our webinar series called Master the Margin, where we will address inventory management, pharmacy accounting, buying a pharmacy, pharmacy growth, selling a pharmacy and will answer all your questions about these areas and more.

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Improving Profitability and Customer Service Levels Through AI and Effective Inventory Management
In this webinar, Greg Bradshow of P4 Technologies, Ollin Sykes and Scotty Sykes discussed how to use advanced technology to maximize the benefits of your inventory investment. Most pharmacies can reduce their inventory by more than 30% and still have better service levels to their customers, while saving money every month in strategic purchases as well.

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Cash Flow: Where Is It and How To Get It

During this webinar, Craig Robinson of RxCherryPick, Ollin Sykes and Scotty Sykes discussed why cash flow is critical to working capital and your business and why holding on to cash flow is getting harder and harder. They also discussed who has your cash flow, how they got it, how to get it back and how to use it once you have it.

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The ROI of Adherence Packaging Automation

In this webinar, William Holmes of RxSafe LLC, Tyler Young of Roberta Pharmacies, Ollin Sykes and Bonnie Bond discussed how you can use adherence packaging automation and RapidPackRx in your independent pharmacy to increase revenue and reduce costs, while improving patient health at the same time.

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Financing in a Pandemic

In this webinar, Mike Bollinger of Live Oak Bank and Ollin Sykes and Scotty Sykes discussed:

  • The minimum viable capital you need to keep your independent pharmacy operational;
  • Financing options available should you need them; and
    What you need in your toolkit for survival now and going forward

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Exemplar Health’s New Small Business Level Funded Solution

During this webinar Ollin Sykes, Scotty Sykes and Tim Hawley of Exemplar Insurance Associates discussed how you can be part of a network of independent pharmacies and health service providers and level the playing field with large retail chains and PBMs. Exemplar Health has stepped up in a big way by launching a small group insurance health product that is winning business nationwide.

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Care Plans: From ‘Nuisance’ to Narrative

Ollin Sykes, Scotty Sykes and Joshua Howland of PioneerRx discussed how Care Plans prove a pharmacist’s value in the continuum of care. During the webinar you will hear about Care Plans and how they paint a picture of the health history and outcomes of each of your patients.

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Inventory Efficiency During the Pandemic and Beyond

Ollin Sykes, Scotty Sykes and Jared Barton of Inventory IQ addressed how important it is for a pharmacy to manage their inventory.

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Growing your Pharmacy through Medical Services

In this webinar, Ollin Sykes and Scotty Sykes discussed with David Roth, CMO, and Jason Ausili, Chief Clinical Officer, of FDS Inc. the update on legislative changes from HHS and what pharmacies are doing to set up and increase growth of their medical practices.

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COVID-19 and Pharmacies: Steps to Navigate this New Normal

This unique webinar, presented by Sykes & Company, P.A. and Brown & Fortunato, discussed practical steps that pharmacies can take to make it through COVID-19. You will receive some practical steps that your pharmacy can take as you navigate this new normal. Find out what you should do if an employee or patient shows symptoms of the coronavirus and hear what you need to know about the Paycheck Protection Program and Health Care Enhancement Act. These topics and many more were discussed.

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Coming out of COVID: How to boost RX Business and Cash Clinical Services

In this webinar Sykes & Company, P.A. and Atrium24, LLC, discussed how you can diversify revenue streams in your pharmacy, influence the health of your patients to make them less reliant on medication and provide a more fulfilling environment for your pharmacy team.

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340B: How to Thrive in an Unfamiliar Space

340B is a unique area that can help you diversify revenues, increase your bottom line and enhance cash flow.  However, not all 340B contracts are the same and in some instances you may even lose money. In this webinar Sykes & Company, P.A. and Eric Fromhart with Secure340B discussed insights to empower your pharmacy and optimize 340B opportunities.

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CBD for Increased Patient Outcomes and Pharmacy Profits

During this webinar you will learn the difference between hemp and cannabis, as well as full-spectrum and isolate products, potential therapeutic benefits of CBD products and more. Plus, you will hear from an independent pharmacy owner and a Sykes & Company, P.A. client who sells $80,000 of CBD a MONTH!

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Growth + Adherence + Accuracy + Speed = Increased Profit and Cash Flow

Do you want to improve revenue, accuracy and speed? Do you want to increase profit and cash flow with improved patient adherence? Would you like to do all of this and save money at tax time as well? In this webinar, William Holmes and Brady Chatfield from RxSafe and Ollin Sykes and Bonnie Bond discussed how adherence packaging can grow your pharmacy and save you money on the bottom line.

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Buying and Selling Pharmacies: The Right Path to Financial Independence

Owning and operating an independent pharmacy is highly competitive, but it can also be highly profitable with the right legal and accounting advisors. In this webinar, Ollin Sykes, Scotty Sykes and Jeffrey Baird, J.D., chairman of the Health Care Group of Brown & Fortunato, P.C., discussed the legal and financial issues — and hurdles — of buying or selling a pharmacy.

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Top Legal Issues Impacting Your Pharmacy

During this webinar Ollin Sykes, Scotty Sykes and Jesse C. Dresser, Esq., of Frier Levitt discussed the top legal issues as they related to the pharmacy industry today and how these issues correlate to the day-to-day accounting and cash flow management of the pharmacy.

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Inventory Management

Hear from Ollin Sykes, Scotty Sykes and Dave Belinski of Datarithm of how inventory management systems help you not only manage your inventory but also increase profits, control your inventory expense and assist in making the transition to perpetual inventory.

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Improve Cash Flow with Inventory Management Best Practices

Inventory is one of the largest expenses a pharmacy has. Efficiently managing your inventory is critical for pharmacy profits and growth. In this webinar, Ollin Sykes, Scotty Sykes and Jared Barton of Inventory IQ addressed how important it is for a retail pharmacy to manage their inventory.

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