Pharmacy Growth

Engaging Patients by Marketing With Social Media

Independent pharmacy owners are finding success with social media platforms to inform and attract new patients. Social media can be used to share accurate health information, but also to build a health care community. You can promote your pharmacy products and services at no cost to you!

On this Master the Margin Innovator Series webinar, meet:

Tiffany Haney
Rocky Hill Pharmacy, LLC, Knoxville
She talks about successfully growing a following on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to create new patient relationships with the pharmacy, including breaking out some smooth dance moves!

Orlando Palmer and Kyle Palmer
Parker’s Pharmacy, Baton Rouge
They reach out to patients with health-related videos and product education on their social channels, but also with fun community and team videos.

Call us with any questions about your approach to attracting new patients, and we can refer you to resources like this.

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