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CBD for Increased Patient Outcomes and Pharmacy Profits

Cannabis, CBD, THC, Hemp – these terms are all becoming commonplace in the healthcare industry, but what do they mean for independent pharmacy?

It’s simple – Independent pharmacists are primed to OWN the CBD market! This is an opportunity to tap into a product that can not only improve patient care but also your pharmacy’s cash profits. However, in the wild west of a new industry, it’s critical to know how to separate the hype from the facts and how to avoid “bad players” in the name of safety and effectiveness.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

• The difference between hemp and cannabis, as well as full-spectrum and isolate products
• Why CBD is legal and what this means for the highly-regulated pharmacy industry
• The potential therapeutic benefits and tips for discussing CBD with patients
• Strategies for marketing to patients and physicians… from an owner and Sykes & Company, P.A. client who sells $80,000 of CBD a MONTH!
• How to capitalize the revenue stream CBD presents independents (that the PBMs can’t touch!)
• How to get started and ensure you’re working with a legal, high-quality distributor

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