Buying a Pharmacy

Buying a Pharmacy Article (Assets vs. Stock) Published in Drug Topics

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Strategies for buying or selling a pharmacy.

Scotty W. Sykes, CPA, CFP,® recently published an article in Drug Topics magazine about two methods for buying a pharmacy: an asset purchase or a purchase of common stock.

In the article, he outlines each method briefly, but focuses primarily on the opportunities to maximize post-closing cash flow from each type of purchase. Different tax rules apply in an asset purchase compared to a stock purchase, including future depreciation of physical assets or how to calculate the value of a stock acquisition.

The article emphasizes these considerations for pharmacy buyers before they sign a contract. Each type of transaction — assets or stock— can also impact the right purchase price when buying a pharmacy.

Contact a pharmacy CPA at Sykes & Company, P.A. to discuss your goal of buying or selling a pharmacy. It is important to create your plan with advisors who understand these transactions.

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