Independent Pharmacy Accounting

Annual Enrollment Opportunities to Reduce DIR Fees

Did you know that the annual Open Enrollment Period for Medicare is one of the best opportunities to help your patients while also managing DIR fees? In this webinar recording with guest Nathan Shanor, general manager for FDS Amplicare, we explore how to compare plans and ultimately cut back on clawbacks.

  • Discover how Medicare plan comparison can impact DIR fees
  • Identify and prioritize plan enrollment opportunities for your patients
  • Choose the right features in a plan comparison tool

Ollin Sykes, CPA.CITP, CMA and Kathy Blanchard from Sykes & Company, P.A. facilitated the discussion and took listener questions. Call us with your questions about this topic or other methods to plan ahead for your pharmacy. 

You may also be interested in our webinar about adding COVID-19 testing services to your independent pharmacy. 


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