Independent Pharmacy Accounting, COVID-19

After COVID-19: Growth Opportunities for an Independent Pharmacy

Growth opportunities for independent pharmacies after COVID-19. Ollin Sykes, pharmacy CPA, describes the role of the independent pharmacy as community healthcare provider post COVID-19. Independent pharmacies have new opportunities to interact with patients about prescriptions, vaccinations and various clinical services. Learn more about the importance of being forward-thinking to maximize growth opportunities within your pharmacy.

Pharmacists share experiences for patient retention and growth during uncertain times. Learn more.

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Ollin: We’re seeing a lot of pharmacies doing a number of ingenious and entrepreneurial types of things in the marketplace. Obviously, the vaccines and the number of vaccines that many pharmacies have performed in the last few months here, and then hopefully in the winding down stages of COVID across the country, have introduced a lot of new faces into the community pharmacies that have not been in these pharmacies before. It’s giving our pharmacy clients a lot of opportunities to be in front of people to talk about maybe the pill packing they’re doing, the adherence packaging they’re doing, maybe the clinical, some of the clinical services that they are providing. Whether it be COVID related or whether it be flu shot related or other kinds of shots that obviously are given by the pharmacist.

But pharmacy is not just about filling scripts any longer. It’s about being a healthcare provider to the local community. And the expansion of these items is having some phenomenal growth impacts, both directly and indirectly, with those pharmacies that are forward-thinking. And it’s those types of pharmacies that we believe have a future that you should be considering in case you haven’t been.


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