Independent Pharmacy Accounting

Classic Video: Accounting and Tax Strategies for Retail Pharmacies

In this webinar, “The Unaccountable Pharmacy: Accounting and Tax Strategies for Retail Pharmacies,” Ollin Sykes and Scotty Sykes take you behind the scenes for a detailed look at pharmacy accounting. See the numbers you should be tracking (with the help of your accountant) on a regular basis – including examples!
During this webinar you’ll find out:

  • Why quality accounting is so important for retail pharmacies today
  • The difference between yesterday’s accounting systems and today’s
  • The key balance sheet components for a pharmacy
  • Industry benchmarks and best practices for profit & loss measures
  • Tax strategies and opportunities for pharmacists

After viewing the webinar, if you have any questions, you’re invited to contact Ollin and Scotty. We look forward to helping your pharmacy grow.

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