Find out what working with an experienced pharmacy accountant has done for our clients. Whether they bought their pharmacy recently or have owned it for decades, working with Sykes & Company helps them know where they stand so they can grow and plan for the future.

“I needed someone I could trust and who would shoot straight. Sykes & Company is careful to be sure everything is black and white and honest. It is obvious that my success is important to them on a personal level. Since working with Sykes & Company, I am looking at real numbers every month. I have confidence that I know what is going on and where we stand. I don’t know that I’d still be in business if I hadn’t switched to Sykes & Company eight years ago.”

Jean Kitchin, former owner of Rocky Mount Drugs

“Ollin [Sykes] helped me buy and sell the same business. I owned it for eight years. Without a doubt Sykes & Company’s work made it a desirable target for purchase. I sent him the number of prescriptions filled and the gross margin numbers every month. They’d call me back and say, ‘We need to check something, we’re out of line here compared to your peers’ or ‘You’re doing better here than your peers.’ We worked on keeping inventory at a manageable level so we had just what we needed. No CPA firm compares to Sykes & Company’s professionalism. They know what they’re doing. I did not have to tell them what to do because they had already done it. They anticipated my needs because they know what other pharmacies need and they apply that knowledge to my situation.”

Rhett Butler, former owner at P & H Discount Pharmacy

“There are many community pharmacies out there competing against the big chains. As a chain whose slogan is ‘your neighborly drugstores,” we find that neighborly sentiment when we deal with Sykes & Company. We are a small community pharmacy chain with eight stores. Sykes is attentive to our needs. They understand our strengths and weaknesses; they know where we need extra guidance and the areas we can handle on our own. With Sykes & Company, I am not just sending a report once a year to a CPA firm to complete our taxes and review financials and hope they understand our business. We have an ongoing relationship. They go above and beyond to make sure we as clients reach our goals. Whether it’s increasing profitability, lowering expenses or even advising on closing or selling a store, they value the success of their clients.”

Alicia Wolfe, Klingensmiths Pharmacy

Sykes Client Testimonial: Tim Finley

Tim Finley first contacted Ollin Sykes when he was looking at buying a pharmacy. Working with Sykes & Company reduced the time it took him to buy a pharmacy by months and gave him peace of mind with the day-to-day operations of his business. Through the reports he gets from Sykes, he can make changes in the pharmacy that directly improve his bottom line.

Sykes Client Testimonial: Cole and Jill Sandlin

When Cole and Jill Sandlin bought a pharmacy, they didn’t want to do pharmacy accounting the “old school way.” They found Sykes’ pharmacy accounting system to be much simpler and less time consuming, freeing up Jill to spend more time on the business. They describe Ollin Sykes as their top financial advisor. With the expertise of Sykes behind them, they plan to make this store the best it can be and expand to own other locations.

Sykes Client Testimonial: Hardin’s Drug

Ken Hardin started in the pharmacy business 40 years ago and has owned as many as six stores at a time. In addition to giving him peace of mind, Sykes & Company helped him through buying out the other half of the pharmacy when his business partner passed away. And they’re helping him prepare to sell his pharmacy to the operations manager in a few years. Learn more about what Sykes & Company provides for Hardin’s Drug in this video.

Sykes Client Testimonial: Peter Wolfe

In business for the last 45 years, Peter Wolfe has seen many bookkeepers and accountants. None of them produced the kinds of reports he’s getting from Sykes & Company. From them he gets the insights he needs to manage his business even more profitably and be “a lot more successful.”