National Pharmacy CPA Services

Find out what working with an experienced pharmacy accountant has done for our clients. Whether they bought their pharmacy recently or have owned it for decades, working with Sykes & Company helps them know where they stand so they can grow and plan for the future.


Tim Finley

Working with Sykes helped Tim Finley shave months off the process of buying a pharmacy.
For more from Finley about how Sykes helps him regularly improve his bottom line, watch the full video.


Hardin’s Drug in Forest City, NC

Ken Hardin cites the number one reason he stays with Sykes & Company as, “Service, service, service.”

For more from Hardin about how Sykes has helped him buy out half the pharmacy and later prepare to sell it, watch the full video.


Fred’s Pharmacy in Hamilton, AL

When Cole and Jill Sandlin bought a pharmacy from Cole’s family, they didn’t want to do the financial side of the pharmacy the “old school way.” They found Sykes’ accounting system to be much simpler and less time consuming.

To get details from the Sandlins about Sykes’ pharmacy accounting system and how it’s helped their business, view the full video


Wolfe’s Pharmacy in Chauvin, LA

After decades of success in the pharmacy business, Peter Wolfe sees even greater opportunities in his future through working with Sykes & Company.

For reasons Wolfe thinks Sykes will make his pharmacy even more successful, view the full video