Customized tax planning for pharmacies and pharmacists

  • Are you surprised at your tax liability at year end?
  • Does your CPA put you on extension during tax season?
  • Does your CPA have you doing an inventory at the end of September each year, for preliminary year-end tax planning purposes?

We go a step beyond timeliness. We know your business inside and out so we can respond immediately with the answers you need – and we look ahead to help you with tax planning and other financial targets. Our tax planning isn’t just about getting ready for filing the tax return or making it easy to hit the deadline for filing. We help you build your business and create wealth by showing you where you can save money with plenty of time for you to take advantage of our advice.

We touch base with you regularly throughout the year via phone, email and video conference so you can talk to us face-to-face wherever you’re located. Starting in the fall, we proactively take the information we have about your business and show you what your current tax position will be at the end of the year and we give you options going into fourth quarter so you can take steps to put yourself in the tax position you want.