Welcome to the Sykes University video series for buying a pharmacy.

Here you’ll find videos that describe how we work with independent pharmacies. You’ll learn about what’s possible for today’s independent pharmacy owner, and you’ll pick up efficiencies that will help us smoothly transition you to enjoying all the benefits of having an accountant dedicated to the needs of independent pharmacies.

If you have questions about anything you see in these videos, please contact Ollin Sykes directly.

In This Series:

Video #1:  The Comprehensive Pharmacy Accounting System  (see below)

Video #2:  Getting Started with Sykes & Company

Video #3:  Getting Your Technology Set Up

Video #4:  Using Bill.com For Your Pharmacy

Video #5:  Getting Set Up With Paychex

Video #6:  Working With Sykes–The First Year


Video #1: The Comprehensive Pharmacy Accounting System

Click here to view Video #2: Getting Started with Sykes & Company