Whether you want to grow or buy a pharmacy our videos can help

Success can mean growing your current pharmacy, having peace of mind about your financial picture, opening a new store or buying a pharmacy for the first time. Whatever your goals are, you’ll find great tips and information in this collection of our most popular videos.

Recent Podcasts

Key Performance Indicators of the Business of Pharmacy

Pharmacy Podcast interviews Ollin Sykes with Sykes & Company – Pharmacy Accounting Experts – and Jimmy Neil with Live Oak Bank. Live Oak frequently works with independent pharmacy owners and those seeking to buy a pharmacy.



Our Top Videos

4 Traits of Successful Independent Pharmacy Owners

In this video blog, Ollin talks about the top four traits he most commonly sees in successful pharmacy owners. Whether you already own one or more pharmacies, are thinking about buying a pharmacy, or preparing your pharmacy for sale, understanding these traits will help your pharmacy perform at its best.


How well is your pharmacy’s accountant performing?

Accounting can seem like a black box: data goes in, numbers come out and the middle is a mystery. In this video, you’ll learn the simple ways to know that your accountant is doing the best they can for your pharmacy.


Gross margin expansion ideas for your independent pharmacy

Learn about two ways to improve gross margins for your pharmacy: increasing your generic drug dispensing percentage and including obesity prevention services. Ollin talks about how and why it’s worth taking the time to switch patients to generics and the opportunity that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act opens up to pharmacies in terms of obesity prevention.


Fraud in Independent Pharmacy Accounting: What You Need to Know

How does fraud commonly occur in independent pharmacies? Ollin talks about cases of fraud he’s seen working with pharmacies – plus how to put in place the checks and balances to reduce your vulnerability to fraud.


3 Common Accounting Mistakes of Independent Pharmacies

Discover the three most common mistakes we see again and again in pharmacies. These mistakes impact your cash flow, your margins, and your future.