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Mitigating the Tax Burden of Selling a Pharmacy

Thinking about selling your independent pharmacy? Ollin Sykes discusses what you and your pharmacy CPA should consider when looking at […]

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Getting The Most From Your CPA

Is your independent pharmacy CPA proactively looking at your books? Ollin Sykes discusses what you should expect from your CPA […]

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Summer Goals for Independent Pharmacy Owners

First off, have your taxes been filed? Ollin Sykes talks about the importance of making sure you’re through tax season, […]

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The Importance of Pharmacy Prescription Logs

In this video, independent pharmacy CPA Ollin Sykes explains how to use your script dispensing logs and script management systems […]

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How Much Can You Save For Retirement

Whether you’ve owned your pharmacy or pharmacies for years or you’re just now buying a pharmacy, there’s more you can […]

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Sykes Videos Help Pharmacy Student

Ollin Sykes’ library of videos helped pharmacy student Zach Burns get a year’s scholarship at his university. In this guest […]

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Top 10 Pharmacy Accounting Questions to Ask Your CPA

How can you take a proactive approach with your pharmacy CPA? Scotty Sykes, CPA recently shared 10 pharmacy accounting questions […]

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Staying out of Trouble During a Pharmacy Sale

During the sale of an independent pharmacy, the seller and buyer can find themselves in very different positions—each with their […]

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What to Look For in A Pharmacy CPA

Many independent pharmacy owners start out working with an accountant in their local area, but that can cause them to […]

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When a Pharmacy Sale is a Bad Idea

Sykes & Company PA is involved in many pharmacy transitions, in this video Ollin Sykes talks about problems and trouble […]

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Buying a Pharmacy vs Creating a Startup Pharmacy

With fewer stores to buy, should you startup a pharmacy? Ollin Sykes explains why you should look at buying an […]

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The Dangers of Using Your Bank Account As Your Accounting System

In the past, independent pharmacy owners may have used their bank balance to tell them the health of their pharmacy. […]